Web Design Pricing

Are you looking for the cheapest web designers? Well, we probably aren’t it but remember the old saying your mom told you, “You get exactly what you pay for!”. This is certainly true when it comes to cheap website design. Cheaper is certainly NOT better! We think you should ask yourself if you really want your website (that in many cases is the ‘face’ of your company) designed and built by some cheap web design company. Do you really want a cheap looking website? Our websites are custom designed (no templates) by professionals who’ve been designing websites a very long time.

Below you will find our basic web design packages. Please keep in mind that these are basic web design packages and may not fit every website need. If you find that your web design needs do not fit into any of these packages do not be concerned. We can accommodate your specific web design needs by building a custom package tailored specifically to your needs. Website design details are listed below pricing charts.

Ok, so you’ve looked over the packages and like what you see — you are probably wondering, “what do I do next?”. Well, we are glad you asked! All you need to do to get your web design project started is fill out this simple contact form and we will be in touch shortly. If you prefer you can always reach our office by phone at 704-794-8785. Whatever method you choose we look forward to meeting you and discussing your web design project.

If you are interested in an eCommerce site design please see our special eCommerce Shopping Cart page for pricing information.

Mobile Websites and Responsive Web Design

responsvie web designThe facts are that more and more people are surfing the web on mobile devices (e.g. iPhone) and tablets (e.g. iPad). In today’s technologically advanced society it is important that your site be accessible on multiple platforms and screen sizes. This is why all of our websites are designed and built to be mobile friendly (responsive). So your site will look great no matter what device it is being viewed on.

Responsive websites are those that recognize their environment and adapt to the screen in which they are being viewed. A site built with responsive design will automatically resize for different devices. When you contact us ask about how a responsive web design can take your website to the next level.

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