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There are literally thousands of web design firms, and even more freelancers, out there so how do you know who you can trust and who will deliver on their fancy promises they make on their website? We hear horror stories all the time from clients about how much money they spent on XYZ Design Firm only to be left frustrated and without a website. For this reason we have set up this testimonial page so you can hear, not from us, but from actual, real clients of Carolina Custom Designs. It is one thing to make all sorts of promises on your website but it is another thing entirely to actually deliver on what you proclaim you can do. We genuinely take pride in excellent customer service.

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Marty and Carolina Custom Designs are wonderful. Our Association did a great deal of research before choosing a web designer and we found that Carolina Custom Designs to be the best for our group. Marty knows all the ins and outs of web designing and if there is something new that he needs to work with, he doesn't hesitate. He jumps right in to learn and research what you need. North Carolina Association of Registers of Deeds has 100 members from across the state and all of our members are extremely pleased with our new site. Please check out our website, and see for yourself. If you have any questions, just let me know, I will be glad to answer them. If you are looking to redesign your website or to build a new one, I would highly recommend Carolina Custom Designs.

Kandance Bullock, President NCARD

North Carolina

My company website analytics are the proof. His SEO expertise works. Marty, Carolina Custom Designs knows how to increase web customer traffic and search engine page rankings. Look no further, write the check and get CCD working on improving your websites performance. Within the first week, my website issues were all fixed and after four months the SEO optimization is on target to exceed our set goals. Honest, prompt and professional. A true blessing to work with.

Paul Pettys, Out of Sight Litter Box Inc.

South Carolina

To be honest I never write testimonials, but this time I feel compelled to. Its so good to find people formal and true to their word who do as they say they will do within the time limit promised! Marty you are great!! You promised me to get things fixed within 24 hours of me paying but I couldnt believe it when, ONE HOUR LATER it was done! Marty said it was easy but I had been waiting one month for another developer to do it... We will definatly recomend Carolina Custom designs and when we need something fixed quickly again we know who to go to. We loved the comunication. Being someone who is used to writing emails to developers and waiting several days for them to be answered, we were very pleasantly surprised to get replies not only the same day, but usually within a couple of hours! Thankyou so much - We'll be in touch again! Anyone reading this who ( like me) isnt sure whether to believe or not in testimonials, feel free to write to us in English or Spanish. In our experience Carolina Custom Designs are very profesional and quick and friendly. Regards Sandra and Javier admin@glittertattoospain.com www.glittertattoospain.com

Sandra and Javier


I am so thankful I found CCD. They are professional, responsive, and great listeners! They have taken my site to the next level and I hope to work with them for years to come.

Penny Robinson


Mr. Marty / Carolina Custom Designs - Simply The BEST. Marty / Carolina Customs Designs is Fair, HONEST, and To The Point. You cannot go wrong with Carolina Customs Designs - Period. Make your Computer Requirements Investments in Marty and you'll see immediate returns. Head UP, Marty is NOT a YES Man - But The Best Computer Man for The Buck ! Thank ( YOU ) for Everything Marty - Carolina Customs Designs. You Saved our Show !

Mike Meyers, Senior Executive Producer

North Carolina

I found Carolina Custom Designs while searching for a web design company in the Concord area, I wanted to work with someone local. Our company website was in desperate need of an upgrade, and these folks didn't disappoint! Marty was great, friendly, personable easy to work with, he asked specific questions and helped me translate what I wanted into requirements. He was super responsive to our feedback, including many rounds of back-and-forth on all those little details that you only seem to notice at the very end when you thought you were done! We love our new site -- it even managed to impress our team of elite software developers! Would definitely recommend Marty for website work!

Amanda Towler

North Carolina

I have been using Carolina Custom Designs for about 4 years now, and the service I receive is both professional, and proficient. It took the previous company I hired 3 months to get good page placement and could not maintain it. I felt like I was burning my money for no results. Marty had me on the first page in 3 weeks and have been there ever since! Also has me on first page in other county's! I have cancelled all phone book adds and can redirect those savings to other business needs. No regrets paying for this service except I wish I started sooner. Jeff Bauer, Bauer Heating & Cooling, LLC

Jeff Bauer

North Carolina

Hello! My name is Scott Hage and I am the President & Founder of Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. We are a web based company that brokers investment grade precious metals nationwide. Our experience working with developers and designers over the years has been precarious to say the least. We began working with Carolina Custom Designs in 2015, and let me start by saying these guys do phenomenal work! (I am reluctant to say this for selfish reasons!!) From a design, development and SEO perspective we couldn't be more pleased with the work Marty and his team provides. We also appreciate his prompt response and support. Hard to find highly accountable, practical, experienced and trustworthy companies these days and highly believe CCD is one of the best!

Scott Hage


I've been working with Carolina Custom Designs for several years and have been very pleased with their work. They have updated and added features to our website and have always been quick to respond in an emergency. I have greatly appreciated that Carolina Customs Designs always gives me an honest cost estimate before starting any work and completes it in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

Abbey Kellett

Miami, FL

Unfortunately our experience with Web Development companies has been less than stellar. Fortunately our experience with Carolina Customs Designs has been quite the opposite. Although this association is in its early stages, so far all issues have been addressed in a very timely and professional manner. After a history of waiting and waiting for issues to be fixed with very little correspondence, it has been a pleasure to get a response to questions and things fixed fast and at all times, getting answers to questions. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with CAROLINA CUSTOMS DESIGNS.

Thoughtfull Little Angels USA

Johnston, Rhode Island

The SEO service provided by Marty at Carolina Custom Designs has been a key to our marketing success. He took our existing website, corrected some minor flaws without overhauling the original design, and has now put my company near or at the top of most of our target markets and search words. The personal service he provides is invaluable.

Kurt Karriker

North Carolina

Marty offers not only a thoroughly professional knowledge of internet technology and webpage construction and issues, but also – perhaps even more important – a rare level of reliability, patience, and excellent communication in dealing with both the project itself and the client. I value Marty’s dependability as highly as I do his considerable technological expertise and will be calling on him in the future again without hesitation.

Doug Stott

Atlanta, Georgia

I have now worked with Marty on several occasions, on projects including website design and leaflet design. I have found him to be very professional and reliable. He always kept in touch during the projects and answered emails in a very timely manner despite us living at opposite sides of the world. Will definitely be using his services again in the future and hope to work with him on many more projects.

John Moore

Manchester, United Kingdom

I have had the very good fortune of working with Marty once again! I had recently come across Prestashop and loved the idea that everything needed for online selling is there at your fingertips, with the flexibility to be configured to best meet the needs of the individual and their business model. However I required a very eye-catching, unique theme for my store, a background look to showcase the range of products I sell. I also wanted customers to understand the concept behind the store and to that end spoke with Marty about my requirements. I was, once again, extremely impressed at Marty’s ability to listen to and understand my ideas and to interpret those in a design. I was wowed by the fact that he got it so spot on! All communications were succinct and prompt and my theme and store were ready in a couple of days! All this from the other side of the world! I can’t express just how grateful and appreciative I am of all the work Marty has completed for me and once again, would highly recommend Marty for any design work you need. You will be met with excellent communication skills, enduring patience and unfailing politeness, topped with an excellent result to meet your needs! A heartfelt thank you, Marty!

Wendy Kayne

(in the wilds of Ireland)

Marty updated and installed a new theme for my PrestaShop. I was very pleased with the result as it was executed swift and with perfect result. I found it very easy to communicate with him and he was very professional to work with. He made the whole task, which I was not looking forward to, very smooth and easily solved for me. I am definitively going to use him again.

Nils Arne Haagensen

Oslo, Norway

I want to thank Marty and the whole Carolina Custom Designs crew for the all of the hard work and dedication they put into upgrading our PrestaShop store. They were very professional throughout the entire process, with excellent communication and dedicated service. Not only did they fulfill all of our requests, but they went above and beyond to find more efficient solutions and address performance issues across the whole site. The time and care they put into improving our store was evident throughout the process, and in the final result. Thank you!

Lauren Krieger

Louisville, CO

Carolina Custom Designs handled all my website needs and more. Marty went above and beyond customer service to make sure I was a satisfied customer. I would recommend Carolina Custom Designs if you have any website needs. I will continue to use them on my current website and any future website projects. Thanks for being so professional and diligent in a timely manner.

Fate Ferrell

North Carolina

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