This article was originally published in our January 2013 Newsletter

Track abandoned carts and create and email discount vouchers to the customers and guests with abandoned carts to re-capture lost sales.

Abandoned carts are a concern for every merchant. When a visitor takes the time to add an item – or worse, items – to the cart, creates an account, enters an address and then just leaves without completing checkout chances are that something has gone wrong. The situation is much worse than a single lost sale because it may be the last time you see this user in your store if no further action is taken; your competitors are doing everything they can for this to be the case.

Abandoned cart follow-up module allows you to selectively send personalized discount vouchers, and possibly to solicit feedback for the reasons of cart abandonment.

Using this module and enticing the visitor back to your store may not only re-capture the lost sale but bring future customers from the same user. In addition, if carts are being abandoned due to usability and/or technical problems with checkout process you will have the chance to get valuable feedback to enable you to take corrective action.

Read it from the horse's mouth: PrestaShop expert and global moderator for PrestaShop users' forums Lesley has written an article about cart abandonment. He has been using our module to good effect for a while and has made several improvement suggestions that will increase the effectiveness of the module.

In fact, we are so sure that you will love this module, it comes with a money back guarantee. Use it for 60 days and if during this period you do not become convinced of its benefits return it for a full refund, no questions asked.