comScore has released December’s search data and Google, as expected, gained an even greater death grip on the top spot while Bing grabbed a larger slice of the SERP pie. Here are the latest market share figures:

•Google — 66.6 percent (record high for Google)
•Yahoo — 16 percent
•Bing — 12.0
•Ask — 3.5 percent
•AOL — 1.9 percent (all time low)

Here are comScore’s numbers from November 2010:

•Google — 66.2 percent
•Yahoo — 16.4 percent
•Bing — 11.8 percent
•Ask — 3.6 percent
•AOL — 2.0 percent

As you can see, Google continues to flex its search engine muscle. It is imperative that your site be optimized for the search engines if you hope to attract new visitors. More and more internet users start their internet browsing by using one of the search engines. If you would like to find out more about how to get your site optimized please visit my Search Engine Optimization page.

Marty Shue