Over the last couple of months I’ve experimented with several popular email marketing companies and I have finally decided which one I will be using for my email marketing campaigns.

When I compared all the features and prices it became clear that MailChimp stood far above the competition. If you’ve never tried MailChimp I would highly recommend giving them a good look. You can start your campaigns for free then move into the paid campaigns as you grow. Their prices are great!

In the very near future I will be adding an email list to my site using MailChimp. I hope you will sign up for the list. Most likely I will only send out newsletters a few times a year. I will send out some tips and tricks on web design and also some great Search Engine Optimzation tips for your site. So be looking for the really simple sign up box on my homepage soon!

BTW, if you would like to start email marketing on your site and don’t have the time to set it all up yourself shoot me an email and I would be happy to give you a price to set everything up for you and make sure it is properly integrated with your current website. I can even create you a custom email template to use within MailChimp. All at a very affordable price!

Marty Shue