shopping cart designThings are going along great here at Carolina Custom Designs. I’ve had a steady flow of work and new clients are being added every week. The only drawback of being this busy is that I have very little time to update my own site. I have several tutorials I want to write and post on the blog but just haven’t had the time to finish them. I’m hoping to start writing some tutorials to pass along some of the neat things I’ve learned. In the meantime I want to post two of my latest projects to be completed.

The first is an eCommerce design for The Sassy Diva. The Sassy Diva is an online party, party accessory and jewelry store. The Sassy Diva features a pink striped background with a black overlay. The store is just getting started and the inventory will be growing. It was great to work with Robin!

hoa web design The second is a WordPress design for the Tallwood Garden Club, which is part of the Tallwood Estates. This site features a fully functional discussion board, custom registration and protected resident-only pages. Most of this site is restricted to residents. It was great working with Virginia and Lisa.

Marty Shue